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Maybe it's just me but as a content creator and mom, TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE! Every time I think I'm getting the hang of social media, THEY CHANGE SOMETHING and usually it's not a change that makes life easier *insert extreme eye roll here*. For example why would Instagram ever make it a 5 step process to reshare a post to your stories, when it was previously one step....SOMEBODY MAKE IT MAKE SENSE SIS!!!! What I used to be able to do in 5 seconds now takes 3 hours, because I keep getting distracted (thanks son lol) and then I forget to go back and share it on my stories lol.

But I have a solution!

You didn't think I was going to come here and complain and not have a possible solution did you?! If you know me, then you should know I'm 'bout that action! I will find a way to make things work. I now make it a habit to save anything I see that I want to share in my stories in a "STORY SHARE" collection, so when I get distracted or forget what it was that I wanted to share, I just dip into that folder and do it all when my son is napping.

Keeping up with the trends

It can be a lot keeping up with all the different changes going on for content creators. One other #junglegem I can offer you is to follow @creators on Instagram as they are pretty good at telling you what changes are coming before they happen and they do a lot of market research about what the "cool kids are doing" so you don't have to waste time trying to figure it out yourself. It's crazy that all of this has become a part of being a successful artist but if those who can't adapt don't make it and we don't wanna be one of them do we? So here's a toast to the folk that roll with the tide and keep on making strides, may the algorithm ever be in your favor LMBO!

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