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Dynamic, unique, and powerful are just a few words that describe recording artist Bianca Ingram. She is a true multiple threat who sings, writes, dances, acts, designs and directs. This talented songstress is poised and ready for international superstardom. Bianca will undoubtedly set the world on fire with her original "space jungle" sound and her captivating looks.

Coming from a Grammy award-winning family of singers, writers, and musicians, it only makes sense that her entire life she's been training to be a true "multiple threat", prepared for any stage at any time. Releasing her debut album, "Linguistics" worldwide in 2013 was a major step into the spotlight, officially marking the passing of the Ingram "mic". Bianca has headlined as a solo act for various venues along the east coast since she was 4 years old. Her first single, off of her 2016 EP "Synthesis" became a top ten hit on the European 2016 Music Week Urban Chart and her second single, "What I Want" shook up social media with it's music video and landed on T.V. stations across the US. Her EP release, "Sentient" blazed the smooth jazz airwaves all over iheart radio proving she is a versatile artist here to create her own lane and own it. She's already completed her first North American tour and is currently starring in an in demand show, Motor City Live all over America! Bianca partners with various charitable companies, AWA, TWDP, and the Alzheimer's Association to raise awareness and funds for the organizations. She is also a board member of the non-profit organization COLLAB. Music is her platform to inspire the world to be a better place, and to be a voice for the voiceless.

Bianca has put her all into her blossoming career and her hot hit single, "Yes" that she released did amazing numbers! Bianca's newest EP "11:11" is sure to put you in a great vibe! Her music is sure to be remembered for years to come and it moves Bianca closer to the day when she can stand in the middle of a stage and hear millions of her "Bianculars" sing her lyrics back to her.

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