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Writers Block Sucks

I feel like I've had writers block for almost 2 years...but then I think about it and I was planning a wedding, having a baby, it was a pandemic, and navigating motherhood so I'm left to ask myself was it really writers block or a lack of time? lol. I'm inclined to go with the latter. But writing is so much of how I express myself and a huge part of my identity that I have to figure out how to get back in the swing of things.

Finding the time with an advanced toddler

I wish I had a concrete answer for this...but the truth is I don't. I really just go day by day and I think that's the best any of us can do. My son is super advanced for his age, he always has been and requires a lot of attention because he can get into a lot very quickly lol. Some days I'm able to be super productive and catch up on work, other days I get no work done because Astro requires more of me that day. I'm working on getting into a creative space faster so that when I get some time I'm able to create music and not just administrative duties. We're not quite there yet though and I'm fighting to give myself grace in that area. I often think to myself "what's for you will not pass you by, it's already yours" because anxiety has me thinking I'm missing opportunities because I'm not working on music consistently enough. I think my intention now is to be consistent in what is realistic for me, and to focus on quality rather than quantity. Learning to extend grace to yourself through transitional periods is A HUGE CHEAT CODE to happiness in life.

Goals for Q4

I think there is so much power in writing things down, so here are my goals:

  • write 3 new songs

  • shoot 2 music videos

  • land 2 major brand partnerships

What goals do you have for the end of 2021?

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