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So...I'm blogging now!

I never ever thought I would be a blogger, but as I grow and have more to share, I feel that a blog is an easy medium to share more of where I'm at now and it's a little quicker and easier to do as a new mom, balancing owning multiple businesses and being a singer and entertainer. There's literally so much content creating going on between, YouTube vlogs, music videos, Amazonian Nights podcasts, reels, tiktoks, Ig posts,'s exhausting LOL! But here on my blog, we can move at my pace and I'm in control.

What will you get here that you won't get other places?

On my blog you're going to get a more personal version of me, the version of me I really only share with my friends and family. Social media for so long has been a "JOB", always thinking about branding and building a fanbase. But here, it's about building a genuine relationship with YOU and sharing my lifestyle, problems and solutions, viewpoints and opinions, and all that good stuff.

Comment on here:

Tell me what you think about my blog entries, tell me what you want to see on here. This is not a one way street, I want to get to know you guys too!

Thanks for reading!

It's a little intimidating starting this, and knowing I'm going to be so honest and vulnerable but I'm grateful for your support! Share this with anyone you think might be interested in following along.

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